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‘ProPA is a professional PA system rental company based in Devon. We specialise in providing scalable PA Systems for live events across the country.'

Our goal is to always deliver pure, clear, emotive sound on time and on budget. Whatever your requirements are, from small DJ or public address systems to a large outdoor festival system, we have the equipment and expertise to deliver.


About Us

Our experienced, friendly crew has over 25 years accumulative experience in sound engineering, sound reinforcement and event production so you can be sure that your audio needs will be met.

When you hire from ProPA you get the whole package - our quality sound equipment along with our professional team, who are always on hand to ensure your event runs smoothly.


Tools of the trade

Loudspeakers from Funktion-one
Amplification from MC2
Processing from XTA
Digital Desk's from Yamaha, Allen and Heath
Analogue Desk from Midas (Venice 32)
Outboard from BSS, XTA, Lexicon etc
Mics from Sennheiser, Shure, Audix, AKG, EV etc

Professional DJ Equipment always available



Talk to us we know how to listen!

If you would like a quote or have a query about any aspect of our services just drop us a line:

Tel: 01647 432 156
Out of hours tel: 07958 29 28 49
Email: info@pro-pa.co.uk
Web: www.pro-pa.co.uk

Grace Road Central
Marsh Barton


Shy FX @ AEON Festival
The Orb

We will update this section soon, please visit back for more information.


Everyone knows the customer is always right. Here's what some of ours have to say about us:


"Great sound and service every time!"
Biff Mitchell
Production/Programming: Dance Village, Glade Stage Glastonbury Festival, Glade Festival, Beautiful Days.


"Nice job and a great sound!"
Alex Paterson (The Orb)


"I've used Pro-pa for years and they're always quality!"
James Gill (Jam the Channel/Aeon Festival)


"When you have tried the rest (and we have) then stick with the best. Funktion-one from pro-pa the sound speaks for itself"
Mr Nice (Rinseout & Innovation)

Funktion One
RinseOutAEON Festival



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